The reasons why executives are targeted are obvious, yet securing your board members is a murky topic. Protecting business-issued devices at the office is clearly the jurisdiction of the company. Protecting them at home, especially their own devices and network, is a tricky one. Risks include people breaking into their personal email accounts, home Wi-Fi, planting malware on their devices, snooping on their business phone calls while abroad, and more.

At Privé Cyber, we can review your executives’ desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and home Wi-Fi network, provide a report of vulnerabilities, and set up high end defences post agreement. Defences cover the following: device loss or theft, malware, spam, loss of data, interception of calls/texts/emails/Wi-Fi, and lot more. We can even help secure your executives’ children, if required, through the same defences, as well as trackers (age dependent).

  • Technical security audits
  • Full encryption for laptops, tablets, desktops & smartphones
  • VPN to stop eavesdroppers when travelling
  • Very strong anti-malware defences
  • Strengthening of personal email accounts or provision of a new, ultra-secure & private email address