With email being the number #1 entry point for attacks in the "twenty-tens", it is an area to focus on as an outer layer of defence. General antivirus and antispam does not simply work anymore due to the daily changing landscape of threats. Relying on users to be your line of defence does not work either, even if you train them well; attackers simply have too many resources, time and money at their disposal.

At Privé Cyber, we can cater for clients (private or commercial) who already have their own mail server in-house, in a data centre or even in the cloud (Office365). We provide very strong security with privacy in mind, as well as continuity to ensure inbound emails are not lost if your mail server or service goes offline. You will be protected from general viruses and spam, along with more advanced defences, which will stop attacks directed at you.

  • On-premise, private cloud or data centre hosted
  • Multiple anti-spam, anti-spoofing & antivirus engines
  • Outbreak, ransomware & zero day protection
  • Advanced blocking/scanning of attachments & URLs
  • 24/7/365 email continuity