Email accounts and mail servers are frequently attacked; just look at the Clinton saga or Jennifer Lawrence. Many high profile or wealthy individuals and even businesses use free or cheap email providers, despite the danger. You get what you pay for and if something is free, you cannot expect much privacy, customer support or security. Running an email server in-house does improve privacy greatly - but do you know how to secure it?

At Privé Cyber, we have years of experience in building and maintaining email services and, most importantly, securing them. We are very much pro-privacy and do not use off-the-shelf cloud services or low-end data centres. Solutions are all researched and designed from scratch, based upon user requirements, functions, strength and location. Everything is covered through to the initial build, maintenance, backup and setup of your personal devices.

  • Hosted in your office, home or a highly secure data centre
  • Choice of countries: UK, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Sweden & more
  • Very strong protection from viruses (inc. ransomware), spam & targeted attacks
  • Two factor authentication and/or a VPN for enhanced privacy
  • Personalised, e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.