A smartphone is, in essence, a pocket computer that is just a lot smaller, yet security has not moved with the times. A laptop or desktop gets a software firewall and antivirus nearly as standard, but a smartphone comes with nothing out-of-the-box. Tens of thousands of malicious apps exist for Androids alone. Getting hit by a virus is not the only concern; a lost or stolen device can cause photos to be lost in an instant or, worse still, be seen by your enemies.

At Privé Cyber, we can review your smartphone or tablet as well as associated accounts (email or iCloud), tweak the settings, and install specialist security software for your device. Along with this, we can also supply a private email address, which integrates into your device to sync emails, tasks, calendar and contacts. Paired with "Voice & SMS Encryption", your device will not only be secure, but your communications will be totally encrypted.

  • Backup of your precious photos, videos & more
  • Remote tracking if lost or stolen
  • Antivirus that scans apps, websites, SMSs & phone numbers
  • Help with device encryption & PINs
  • A VPN to hide your identity & stop eavesdroppers