Those old enough to remember "Squidgygate" in the 1990s will remember leaked calls between Princess Diana and James Gilbey. Things have not improved greatly since then and the military, police, intelligence services, rogue investigators and even criminals can listen into mobile calls with equipment, bought or made. Smartphones are not immune to viruses; take Android, for instance, where 10,000s have been catalogued over the last few years.

At Privé Cyber, we can setup end-to-end high-grade encryption to ensure your calls or SMSs are not intercepted or recorded. Once set up within your circle of friends, colleagues or family, sending a message or receiving a call from anywhere on the planet is simple. You can rest assured that your private calls will not end up on YouTube and there will be no trace on your bill. This is especially necessary if you travel to certain countries frequently.

  • End-to-end very high-grade certified encryption
  • Calls and messaging are protected over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi
  • Works for iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry & Android devices
  • Fast, non-intrusive to set up & simple to use, even without advanced training
  • Stronger & more private than WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal etc.