A certain model, television presenter and contestant on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, married to a well-known professional English footballer, suffered due to the theft of her mobile phone. Celebrities, footballers and other people in the public eye are known for their social media usage, partying, messaging, and taking outrageous photos on their smartphones. Such photos are not only embarrassing but are highly precious as they are valued by tabloids.

In November 2013, the Telegraph broadsheet and other newspapers reported various thefts from dressing rooms at BBC locations throughout the country. Various celebrities had items stolen, including this model, who had her smartphone stolen. Big deal, having a £500 phone stolen you may think. Yes, it is; insurance will pay out, though in this case, money is not the problem. What about the loss or public exposure of texts, photos, contacts or emails? These may be irreplaceable holiday photos, or worse. Data can easily be worth more than the asset value.

So what are the lessons to be learnt? Backup your data on your phone and install a tracker with remote wiper, and enable encryption (with PIN). Finally, phones, especially Androids, can get viruses, so install antivirus software. If you value privacy and security, consider an iPhone or BlackBerry, not a standard Android.